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  • 2021-06-11
    Nice dress and the price are good for that what you get.
    This dress have many details and extras, a pin for the shoulder and collar, in a nice metal. A waist, bust belt in a really good quality. and a sweet tie, but i changed it to a slytherin hogwarts tie.
    The dress are a little bit to short for me (172cm+) because my petticoat somethimes looks out.
    The truth is, it's not a must have but i don't want to miss it in my dress collection.
    The Military style is really goergerous, i just wish the quality was a little bit better BUT this is from the quality one of the lowest, i buyed here and it's still better as in the most clothes stores here.
  • 2021-03-11
    This is so gorgeous! <3

    Overall good quality and making (fabric is somewhat thin, but it falls nicely anyway) and it's sewn in a way so you can put another underskirt beneath/under the top part and over the skirt part for different looks - love it..! <3

    The look of the OP is very striking and super cool! And if you have gotten the short sleeve version make sure to pair it with some long over-the-elbow P. U. gloves - it looks amazing..! <3
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