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  • 2021-04-22
    This is AMAZING quality for the price! <3

    I got both the Pink and Dark Red JSK with matching blouse and underskirt + accessories (headbands, brooches and gloves) and the colors alone (Milky pink and Deep Dark Red) are incredible and very versatile - the headbands and bows (even the small bows are detachable! Yaaay!) matches a very wide range of my other dresses and coords..! <3

    The tailoring is very good, although my underskirt is not longer than the JSKs skirt-part (like on the pictures) or maybe the skirt-part on the JSK has been made just as long as the underskirt, I can't say, but either way the skirts are very HEAVY and require a very serious petti or hoop-petti (one of my cheap hoopies got totally wrecked from the weight of the skirts!) so have that in mind if you are a complete poofaholic suffering from total poofamania like me..! <3

    The fabric of all the items are a very nice quality and the colors are so full and vibrant - you'll also get a lot of extra buttons etc. <3

    The gloves are very extravagant and the attached "jewelry" looks very nice and not cheap; and like all the other items they fit just as perfect! The brooches also doubles as headwear (they have both pins and a clip) and a nice touch, because they are quite heavy, is they have three pins to fasten with, so they'll sit in place and not droop..! ^__^

    Now I need the Green JSK too! <3

    P. S.
    I'm pairing these heavy duty skirts with the extra hefty hoop petti (long version) from the Mermaid series by Yupbro Lolita, and will write an update on how it went..! ^__^
  • 2020-11-25
    I bought the gloves and the red brooch, and they're awesome!
    The gloves fits great and they're not itchy, they're very pretty, even if the jewel and bow are a bit heavy, and tend to turn to the side, but oh well!
    The brooch would be pinned on the dress or be a hair accessory, I prefer the latter and it looks pretty good!
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