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Antaina Tea Party Glitter Lolita Shoes

Antaina Tea Party Glitter Lolita Shoes Item NO.: an-5006

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US$ 48.99
Euro Size
33 34 35 36 37 38 39(+US$ 4.00) 40(+US$ 4.00) 41(+US$ 4.00) 42(+US$ 4.00) 43(+US$ 4.00) 44(+US$ 9.00) 45(+US$ 9.00) 46(+US$ 9.00) 47(+US$ 9.00) 48(+US$ 9.00)
Pink A Purple Glitter Silver Glitter Gold Silver Glitter Red Red Gold Glitter Blue with Purple Glitter Black Pink B White Glitter Pink Glitter Blue Light Gold Chocolate Black Navy Light Blue Light Purple Purple Laser
Heel Height
6.3cm heel 1cm front 4.5cm heel 1cm front(Only Square Heels) 6.3cm heel 7.5cm heel 3cm front Flats
Glitter Matte
Heel Style
Thin Heels Square Heels

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  • ***Antaina Tea Party Glitter Lolita Shoes, sweet Lolita shoes with elegant bows. The change of platform and heel creates different styles. Multiple colors(shiny and non-shiny two groups) available.
  • ***Frequently Used Heels Height: 6.5cm heel 1cm front; 6.3cm heel 1cm front. 4.5cm heel 1cm front. The heels and platform height could be changed. You could request that at If there's a note field, or email us after order to:

Product Name Antaina Tea Party Glitter Lolita Shoes
Item NO. an-5006
color Red/Wine, Brown/Coffee, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Black, White/Beige/Gray
Weight 0.8 kg = 1.7637 lb = 28.2192 oz
Category Footwear > Heels Shoes
Creation Time 2020-05-28

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Centimeters Inches US/Canada UK Euro Australia/NZ Mexico
22.8 9 5 2.5 35 3.5 -
23.1 9.125 5.5 3 35.5 4 -
23.5 9.25 6 3.5 36 4.5 -
23.8 9.375 6.5 4 37 5 -
24.1 9.5 7 4.5 37.5 5.5 -
24.5 9.625 7.5 5 38 6 4.5
24.8 9.75 8 5.5 38.5 6.5 5
25.1 9.875 8.5 6 39 7 5.5
25.4 10 9 6.5 40 7.5 6
25.7 10.125 9.5 7 41 8 6.5
26 10.25 10 7.5 42 8.5 7
26.7 10.5 10.5 8 43 9 7.5
27.3 10.75 12 9.5 44 10.5 9
27.9 11 13 10.5 45 11.5 10
28.6 11.25 14 11.5 46.5 12.5 11
29.2 11.5 15.5 13 48.5 14 12

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These shoes are super cute! With premium shipping, they arrived 16 days after ordering, which is pretty fast! I am a US size 7 - 7.5. I got the 38 (equivalent to 7) and they're a little bit big, but not too much. The smallest settings are still a bit too big for me re: the straps, but again, not too bad. Overall, you may want to size down one. Gorgeous shoes - seem well made, glitter doesn't seem to shed, etc.



I must have accidentally purchased this. I don’t know how it happened. But they refunded me including my points.



These are really lovely shoes. Special care was taken to make sure the shoes I received were what I wanted. I got the light gold matte color and they're a perfect match for my pieces. For me, the straps are the right size. The fishing line described in the first review is a common beading monofilament used when a strong thread is needed and should not obscure the item to which beads are attached. The snaps come with a small metal pull to provide leverage so the straps are not creased when pulled open. They fit slightly large but are comfortable for heels. (I chose the lowest option for thin heels.) There are minor flaws, but I'm very impressed with the product for the price. This is my first pair of shoes from An-Tai-Na.



I got the shoes in Black, size 6.5 (US/Canada). Sizing-wise, they fit perfectly (there's just enough space for the shoes to be comfortable and not tight) . For the straps, The ones that cross over can be changed by being taken out of the buckle and refitted. As for the ankle strap, it's a little loose but it's removable so I've worn it without the strap. The shoes are very comfortable and sturdy (when I tested the front, it wouldn't cave in/squish).

Just one thing to note (and it has nothing to do with the seller): be careful with picking airmail as an option. Since there's no signature, it will be left at the mailbox/porch. My mailman pushed the whole package into my small mailbox, so I struggled to get them out and the bows got bend weird.

Everything is great though, and I'd definitely buy shoes from here again!



These shoes are a tiny bit loose, but really gorgeous. They're still very comfortable, just wiggle a bit and I could never wear them without socks/tights.

Everything seems really good quality, held together very firmly, pearls are stitched on tight, etc. Super happy.



These shoes are really pretty! But they fit me really funny. First, they are a little loose, not too much, but I guess that's okay because you don't want to have shoes that are too fitting. Second, one of the straps (the one that crosses over the front) is way too small for my instep. I have to take the belt out of the buckle and it barely fits on the last hole. Third, the ankle strap is WAY TOO BIG. I have it on the last hole and it droops onto my foot, which is the way its not supposed to look. I'd have to make a new hole on the strap for it to fit properly. Also, the handiwork on the pearls is pretty crappy, they look like their held on with fishing line and they are bunched up, not sitting flat on the strap. They look like with the slightest wear, they'll fall off. Overall, they are a decent looking shoe, but there's too many craftsmanship errors to give it a really good rating.
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