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  • 2021-11-01
    I bought coat and hat for my friend as a B-Day gift, and they love it! They say it's very comfortable and doesn't limit their mobility in the slightest. There are a bunch of accent pieces that go along with the coat that can be detached if the wearer wishes to remove them!
  • 2021-03-27
    The great quality this brand (Your Highness) makes their items with always surprises me..! <3

    Thanks to Linda, being incredibly awesome, I could order the harness and aiguillette (shoulder cord/rope) separately. And especially the aiguillette is perfect down to the thread and resembles the real deal to perfection in such a way I actually believe it is indeed "The real deal"..! <3

    Can only recommend this series for great looking and very affordable clothes and accessories..! <3
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