"The lovely Linda from My Lolita Dress wanted me to write an introduction so here it goes. My name is Jenna and I go by Naturally Cute on my pages. I am persuing modeling and love lolita and alt j fashion. I have graciously accepted becoming the usa helper for My Lolita Dress as well on their facebook. I help out during weekend and USA day hours. I love to help out and keep customers content and happy, I've been selling on my own for years and I always strive to do my best for them. I like to wear sweet lolita but I also like classical and other types it depends on what dress I fall for. Besides lolita I dabble in fairy kei, hime, and other alt fashion choices. I love to travel and learn about other cultures, I'm into anime and I love animals. If you want to know more check out my social medias."  ------Written By Jenna ^^


---> Her Facebook's Page: https://m.facebook.com/naturallykyute/
---> Her Tumblr: http://naturalcuteness.tumblr.com/
---> Her Instagram: kyutie_mew
---> Her Twitter: @kyutie_mew

She's also starting a lacebook and lookbook
---> http://lace-book.com/profile/205697
---> http://lookbook.nu/naturallycute