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Generally when a pack goes through custom house, there's 10% chance that it will get picked for check of goods value, and apply corresponding tax fees.

Recently the inspection at custom house gets stricter and stricter, and once a pack's picked, no matter how much value you have declared, there's often an evaluation from custom house, and they would pick the highest price you could get from this line of products through internet, and set that as the goods value, as said. is aware of this situation and seeks actively the methods to help you avoid the unreasonable tax for your pretty lolita packs.

1)Because many customers request us to write lower value on packs when post it out, we will do this by default. If the pack's held by customs house, you could also email us and ask for a match goods value proof. However, sometimes the customs house will just decide the goods value by themselves. Lower value is not guarantee of low or no tax.

If you prefer us to write real values when ship out the pack, please note us when order, or you could email us after order. Our email is: [email protected]

2)Wrote the stuffs inside as girls stuff, such as "1 girl dress", which tends to be lower priced and get less chance to get picked for the check.

There was a time when we write gift or sample on the packs, we don't need to include other information about exactly what's inside, but now the rule changes and it's a must to write what's inside, besides the gift/sample note.

3)Select shipping methods which could do better at this, such as DHL, EMS. The advantage of fedex is they are pretty fast, this is not used unless girls have a tight deadline.

Airmail works better in general, for packs under 2kg, if there's no deadline for goods arrival time.

4)Instead of a big pack, we could break the bills into several. This involves some cooperation between us, and for details of the operation for your lolita order, please email to: [email protected]

Have a great day.