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Adorable White Lace Lolita Necklace
Adorable White Lace Lolita Necklace


US$ 13.99
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  • 2021-04-26
    This necklace is very pretty and nicely crafted with good quality pearls..! <3
    Just have in mind that the lace is "white white" and the satin ribbon is an almost silvery bluish white (the pearls are also more silvery as opposed to being yellowish) so it can look a bit off, if you want to use it with a cream white or off white coord, and will be very hard to pair with beige/golden notes, because the cool silvery tones will be even more outstanding. <3

    But it will look perfect and elevate Classic coords with all clear white colors/details and also winter themed coords with silver tones..! ^__^
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