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  • 2020-06-24
    This coat is so good !! I received it yesterday, and i'm so happy ^^' ! I took it in red, that's not the same dark red that is on the picture, but it's said in the description, it looks like blood ^^' I love it! The details are amazing, and I waited one month and 12 days to receive it ;D
    Thank you so much! ^-^
  • 2020-06-22
    i just received this item and i love it! the coat looks exactly like the picture and it's warm. i got mine customized and it fits well but my only problem it that it's tight on the shoulders,although that's probably due to my own measurement error.

    aside from that,i'm extremely happy with this item! customer support was great and Linda made sure that everything was in order.

    thank you very much!
  • 2020-06-21
    I got this for a trip while I visited my family for christmas. This was a very warm coat while out in the cold snowy weather. It was super warm and perfect. It's made really well. Only problem I had was it took nearly three months to make then a month to get to me that I wasn't able to use it for my original trip. So I waited it out for another year when I went back and used it then.
  • 2014-09-09
    omg it looks just like the pic and its sooo warm the only problem is that there are what I think to be purple chalk marks on it but other then that really great :3 cant wait to buy more stuff btw I got custom sizing and it has an allmost perfect fit its a bit big but its for winter so thats fine because there are going to be layers under it nice and warm for minnesota winter lol
  • 2013-11-20
    I received the package about two weeks ago, I am sorry I didn't let you know earlier that I had receive them!

    They came in good shape and are very pretty, and I recommend your online shop to those that ask.

    They are absolutely lovely and I thank you very much for your professional and friendly service!

    Have a lovely day Linda.

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