What is My-Lolita-Dress Customer Reward Points?


Each dollar you spend at My-Lolita-Dress.com, there’s 1 point rewarded. Each 100 points could be redeemed as 1USD for next order. No timeline or order amount limit.

To make it simple, I’d like to show you an example:

1.  If you make an order worth 1USD at My-Lolita-Dress.com, you will get 1 point, that is, 1USD =1 point, 2USD = 2 points, 3USD = 3 points…….. 100USD = 100 points, $200=200 points……$1000=1000 points

2. 100 points is equal to $1 voucher (100 points = $1 voucher). When you make an order next time, for example, a Lolita dress worth 100USD, you will only need to pay 99USD for the dress.



How to Earn My-Lolita-Dress Customer Reward Points?


Earn Points for Register and Sign-up of Newsletters:

1. Register an account with us could help store your shipment information, saving the trouble of entering it for each order; easy to review order details, and check the shipment track number. Currently you could get 100 points for register with us. 

2. We have new releases of designs frequently, and many are limited. Subscribe our newsletters could help you keep track of the popular new arrivals. Also earn 100 points for subscription. You could unsubscribe anytime ^__^


Earn Points for Your Purchase(s):

1.   You must be a registered customer of My-Lolita-Dress.com (You can register an account here or log in with your facebook account).

2.   Find the Lolita item(s) you want and then complete your order.

3.   After you complete your order, our system will send credit points to your account automatically.

4.   You can easily and conveniently view how many points you’ve got through your account’s control panel.

5.   To use points, please login, add items to shopping cart, there’s points redeem widget at bottom of the cart. You could set how many points you want to use for current order.


----> Start Earning Reward Points NOW: Back to our HOMEPAGE and start browsing our Lolita item(s)

----> NOTE: this doesn’t apply to taobao shopping service.

Please Let Us Know If Any Questions


If you have questions regarding to our Reward System, please feel free to let us know. You can reach us by sending emails to [email protected] or via our Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/mylolitadress