--> Magic Tea Party Veronica Classical Lolita JSK Buyer Show

--> Buyer: Mia Waters (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004371707422&fref=ts)

--> What She Bought From Us >>>

1. Magic Tea Party Veronica Classical Lolita Jumper Dress [Only $56.99 | IN STOCK]

2. Magic Tea Party ***Notes Song*** Lace Chiffon Lolita Blouse [$39.99 | IN STOCK]

3. Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Lolita Petticoat [IN STOCK | Custom Sizing Also Available]

4. Mu Fish Kawaii Bunnies Printed Lolita Tights [only $7.99 | IN STOCK]

5. Black/White/Pink/Red Flat Heels Lolita Shoes [Only $39.99 | Upon your requests, the material, color and heel height could all be changed]

6. Sweet Rose Bows Hairpin [IN STOCK, could be shipped out within 24 hours]