For sweeties who need custom tailor services, please take a look at this article, it will help you know how to find Lolita items that are available for custom tailor at Thanks for your time.

******Step 1: Enter

******Step 2: Click the Category That You Are Interested In

For example, if you need a Lolita dress, then you should click the “[***Dresses and JSKs***]” category on the navigation bar [***like the 1st picture shown below***]. Similarly, if you need a petticoat, please just click the “[***Petticoat***]” category [***Like the 2nd pic shown below***]


******Step 3: Click the [***Good for Tailor***] Option

After entering the category that you are interested in, you will see the [***Good for Tailor***] option at the lower left corner [***Like the 1st picture shown below***], simply click it and then you will enter the corresponding items’ list page where all items are available for custom tailor  [***Like the 2nd picture shown below***]. Now, what you should do is to find the specific Lolita item that you like ^_^

That’s it! It is very easy, right? If you still have questions regarding to the “custom tailor” issue, please feel free to let us know via our facebook fan page: or our support email: