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What is Fairy Kei? Fairy kei, a more sweet lolita, originated from Sauri Tabuchi, the eminent Tokyo fashion figure's store Spank! It is a fashion phenomenon or style from Japan recently which is based on the colors and motifs of the 1980s and early 1990s. Like the name implies, Fairy Kei has a whimsical, cheerful, and pop-cute look and feel, and typical elements include sweets(i.e. candy, ice cream), tutus, faux fur, faded denim, and iconic eighties cartoon characters.

It seems to be similar to Children's cartoon characters such as My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms, Popples, Lady Lovelylocks, CareBears, etc. The colors are mostly pastels, with two distinct palettes: a variety of neons against a dusty, low-saturation pastel. An example would be a very bright, neon pink, against a soft, marshmallow-dusty lilac. Other colors are blue, teal, lime, lilac, dusty blue, neon orange, neon lemon, soft lemon, soft pink, mint, etc.

fairy-kei often use as many as five or six colors. The colors should balance by using one color at least one other time in the outfit. 


Fairy-Kei Tips

 If you’re an 80s kid, ransack through any old stuff you kept or stored and see what treasures you can find! It’s like new but has more meaning attached. If you can’t find any try ebay, flea markets and thrift stores for marshmallow rainbow 80s goods.

 Tutus! They’re easy to find these days and very easy to make. You can make your tutu as simple or as decadent as you like; they’re all sweet when paired with a tee.
 Pompons, bows, tulle — all in the marshmallow rainbow of fairy-kei — think of making yarn into large pompons for hair and keychains, smaller ones for other accessories.
v:shapes="_x0000_i1028"> Found some cute 80s fabric but the item is shot? Patch it onto a tee, add some glitter. Don’t wait for your favorite new t-shirt, make it!
 A big pastel sweater with an alternating color of hair bow. Think big and ridiculously cute! Keep it simple if you like with a black tutu and flats, you can be Fairy-kei inspired without going over the top.


After all, Fairy Kei is heavily inspired by 1980's pop style. Perhaps you weren't old enough to really remember this style while it was all the rage.