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Do you agree with me, that petticoats and panniers, play a vital role in your lolita dress day out? When I first began my lolita dressing, I paid almost full of my attention on these prints or embroidery outfit, headbow, bag, shoes, while selected panniers randomly. You could imagine the result, everything's great, but whole coords is one step away from perfect - the lolita petticoat I got wasn't puffy enough to realize the beautiful shape for skirt. That's my hunt for wonderful pettis began, and it didn't end for a while, until I know it really well.

I have come up with this list, hopefully as good reference for girls like me, in trouble of deciding which is perfect petticoat for our dresses.

If you are into lolita fashion in long terms, these are two very basic but good petticoats for your lolita dresses.

1)Very puffy enough to show the full curve of your lolita dresses; they are as puffy as you could imagine, and photos are all on real stuffs.
2)Tailored by organza, multiple layers. It's puffy, while flexible. You will find it comfortable to wear, unlike those pettis made by hard net sash.
3)Flexible, due to the nature of good quality organza we used, you could squeeze the petticoat into a very small bag when you don't use it. When it's time for the show, just shake shake, it will be good again. This also applies when you just stand up, it will gain the shape in minutes.

With either of these 2 petticoats, you don't need to worry about this for a while.

Recommend: A-line puffy lolita panniers

This A-line petticoat used to be 42cm long, and extended to 45cm as girls found it more appropriate to most knee length lolita dresses. It's good for almost all a-line skirts and jumpers you will have. If it's not puffy enough, there's also a super-puffy one, for your needs.

Recommend: Bell shape lolita petticoat

This bell shape lolita petticoat has elegant trim which could look great even if occassionally shows under the dress. It has many different color combos, pink/white; blue/white; red/white; black unicolor, blue; etc, but most popular is still the white with white lace.

Recommend: Long Cotton/Organza Lolita Panniers

This is recommended especially for tall girls. Although most lolita dresses are designed to end cover the knee, this may be an issue for tall girls (although tall is wonderful). You will need to go custom tailor for the perfect length; sadly this is not an option for every dress you love. This under-skirt, or long lolita petticoat, could be perfect solution.

You could see the multiple layers of ruffles at under half of the skirt, plus the basic color, they will look great to combine with most lolita dresses. I have also attached some coords photos here for your reference.

Compared with these, if you are a lover of casual lolita, or just want it for an anime convention, a hard net sash petticoat, which is lower price, should be good for purpose.