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My Lolita Dress store specialize in lolita fashion related clothes, lace jewelries, dresses, shoes and other sweet, gothic, vintage or Victoria style goods for girls. We happily convey this great news for all lovers of this fashion, we are partnered and official representative of the brands: Dream of Lolita, Infanta, Classical Puppets, selling their products to oversea customers.

It’s SUPER EASY to order the lolita dresses and goods from them now through our store. All the photos are real from the brands, with accurate sizes, materials and features introduction.

Take an easy check of the dresses from Dream of Lolita by click here. Most of their products are classic or sweet styles, rich in the usage of lace, frills, ruffles. This is a new style dress, coming in black, blue, cream etc, several colors.

Dream of Lolita Mermaid Lolita Jumper - 4 Colors

 So each series of lolita clothes, include sugary canival, milky planet, and many others, there are blouses, headdress to go with them.

Here’s the link of all the Infanta dresses, new styles available for this beautiful summer.

 Infanta Round Collar Red Hat Lolita Jumper Dress - 2 Colors

Classical Puppets super puffy petticoats and dresses, features the elegant details and gothic styles.

 Super Puffy Sash Lolita Petticoat

All these brands have proven feedbacks from customers for their quality-ensured lolita outfits.

Right now if you have any inquiries, or after-sale questions, it’s just easy as drop us a note on site, or send us an email to:

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