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Lolita fashion is about the most beautiful side of our life - work around the beautiful lolita dresses, blouses, rocking horse shoes, and present the best yourself with the unique coords, it's a pleasant experience. My-lolita-dress is composed of a team of royal fashion follower and always here ready to help you begin this happy trip with the excellent quality lolita clothes.

Today I'd love to bring you a princess in forest. These photos are modeled and kindly returned by our customer. 

Model: Lovisa

Size: L

Main Theme Color: Pink




Isn't she beautiful? The broad sunlight makes the color quite off, but the light also flatters on her apperance and make everything so dream like. The dress is tailored by cotton and cotton lace, with beautiful unicorn prints.

Now let's take a look at another coords, pulled together by skirt and handmade headbow.



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