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Let's share some tips about how to take care of our beautiful petticoats ^___^

Compared with most hard net petticoats which are good for a party or an anime convention, if you are into lolita fashion like me, it's very important to get one of these organza petticoats! If you are interested to know why, please read one of our previous post by click this

Let's share some tips about how to take care of our beautiful petticoats ^___^


Most of our petticoats are made by soft organza, a kind of top quality sash, and the good puffy shape of the panniers are realized by multiple layers of organza. 

Organza decides the sash will be less puffy in the humid days, which is normal. It will go back to the perfect shape when less rain. 


Because the petticoat is very big, we have shipped it to you in a small bag after compressed. Please don't be surprised to see the size of pack - after open it, all you need to do is to shake it hardly a few times, then hang somewhere - back to perfect in a while. 


 *When put on and take off the petticoat, please pull open the elastic waist first, or you could pull the cotton inner lining; the key is, avoid stretch the organza directly, which may easily damage the sash. 

*When shape of the skirt is not perfect as you stand up or sit down, all needed is to shake shake ^___^ 


*If there's only small spots of dirty or stain, please take paper tissue or soft towel with a little detergent, and scrub gently. 

*Please don't use brush. 

*For overall wash, handwash or gentle mode machine wash is good. Please don't dry with machine - hang dry or hand squeeze is no problem.

*Avoid long time exposure to sunlight. 
Storage:*Hang it in cold dry places adviced.*To save the space, you could squeeze it into a small pack, put it at cold dry place. 

If any other questions, don't hesitate to email us at