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Getting excited for your proms? Are you happily hunting around for beautiful and gorgeous dresses for that special occassion? Recently there's a collection of some cute old photos for prom by yahoo, no matter how we have dressed and posed, this will be a sparkle star in our life.

Lolita dresses, quite different from the ordinary taffeta or organza prom dresses, will make you outstanding and gorgeous in the crowd. Originated from the victoria and rococo style, lolita dress cares about details, designed to build up your princess look; while improved based on the vintage styles, to make it easy for dance. Sweet, gothic, vintage, gorgeous, there's always a dress for you. Because most of our fashion designers have already taken into consideration of the overall image, there are headbows, wristcuffs, shoes, etc ready to go with the dress.

Here I would like to introduce a few of our latest styles which are toped as girls' prom dresses in our large collection.

Princess Like:

This unicorn castle dress comes with match necklace and wristcuffs, pink with the beautiful bows and unicorn prints, easily turn you into a fairytale.

This cream kitten dress comes in coffee, pink/blue 2 colors. Whichever you like, wonderful frame of your body shape.

There's always new style dresses themed around Alice in Wonderland, but this one could definitely make you sweet like rainbow.

Vintage while gorgeous:

This cup-cake skirt girls' vintage dress is best at flattering your body shape. Skirt is composed of multiple layers, surface layer could be styled to create different coords. Multiple color combos to select from. Whole dress is tailored by top quality chiffon with a natural down, can't be more elegant.


Quite unique style dress, the long and shrink waist part could make your body look elegant, while unique libra stars prints give you a special charm.

This one is by velvet with embroidery hand sewn, quite top classic, if you are after a vintage dress.

Petite Formal Dress:

This light yellow lolita dress comes with off-shoulder sleeves and assymtrical skirt - it's a beautiful petite formal dress with a petticoat inside, or perfect to wear in daily life as casual lolita without the petti. Beautiful either way.

Hope this could give you some inspiration about your beautiful prom dress :)