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Your beautiful lolita dresses, jackets, and bows shoes, need matching pretty socks and tights to do the perfect combo! We have collected the popular printed girls socks 2013 winter, for your easy pick.

First comes the cute animals - kitten, bunny, bear and pretty chicks. You may feel surprised - isn't this knee high socks only? The skin color of the thigh is part of the tights, haha.

Link's here:  only at 9.99USD, super warm velvet material.


Next comes tutuanna gold cage bird lolita tights, 60D velvet, good elasticity. Available at cream, black and blue 3 colors.


Tutuanna Angel Horse Crown Printed Tights   Black, White  9.99USD

Amo Zipper Sweet Unicorn Stars Silk Printed Tights  9.99USD

Suitable for spring and autumn, not warm enough to wear alone at winter.

Kumamon Tattoo animals series   Bunny, bear, panda, smile panda for your pickup.  9.99USD

Tutuanna 2013 Winter Christmas Deer 60D Girls Tights

Tutuanna 2013 Winter Christmas Deer 60D Girls Tights    13.99USD


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