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There are two main shipping methods employed at our store now: premium and airmail. There's a breakthrough good news: after long time negotiation with post office, we have finally got a discounted price for airmail, which is greatly lowered fees, available for packs under 2KG. 

My Lolita Dress has been working towards providing you secure, fast, reliable shipping methods at lowest possible prices. We know how it is important that you get the lolita dresses, blouses, kawaii jumpers, smoothly and quickly. 

While premium is great for fast delivery speed, airmail is provided for girls who are not in a rush, and want some small items such as socks, tights, headbows, petticoat, a blouse, etc, whose packs weight is below 2KG, or even sometimes below 1KG, to get your packs at a much lower price. 

Another advantage of airmail is, for some countries, airmail which handled through post office, custom house doesn't check for tax inspection. However, whether this could be applied to your country, you need to find out through local custom house.